The video, commissioned from Mindmap Productions, highlights the benefits of a career in the laser industry and promotes the types of jobs that are available for young people, and particularly young women, in the industrial sector. It promotes aspiration, encouraging the viewer to believe in themselves to achieve the job of their dreams. This positive message, that apprenticeships really are a viable career proposition and an amazing alternative to the university route, was formed from a collaboration of companies from across the region who have realised the importance of young people entering the manufacturing and production industries. Not only will they have a career for life but also ensure the region continues to develop its manufacturing and technically productive enterprises.

Lasers for industry by Mindmap Productions

Life's about the laser industry

James, a 24 year-old apprentice with Luxinar said:

“ I became an apprentice five years ago, I’d done a year at 6th Form but it wasn’t for me. I was nineteen when I started here and now I have a really good job in laser and optics, I’ve never looked back really.”

Tina Jenkinson

LMI Project Manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council

It was great to work in collaboration with so many local companies to promote the exciting jobs available for young people in industry.  Working with Luxinar really shows how the manufacturing industry is key to the development of many other sectors and having the opportunity to film Luxinar's amazing factory environment in Hull really demonstrates that working in the manufacturing sector isn't dirty work anymore!